R&D capabilities

Piscium's vision is to become an idea magnet for R&D in
medical sciences.

RND Capabilities

Unmet needs and their innovative solutions can come from anywhere- be it the Customer, a Scientist, a Salesman or a Foreman. We continuously work with Dentists, Doctors, Scientists, Machining Experts, our Employees and identify potential areas to innovate upon. Our in-house capabilities in nanotechnology, microfabrication, formulation and innovation commercialization act as catalysts to convert the science into commercial products.

The R&D at Piscium® has received the elite DSIR recognition (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research- Government of India). Our product development has been financially assisted by BIRAC (Department of Biotechnology – Government of India). Being a SINE – IIT Bombay incubatee allows us access to renowned experts and sophisticated analytical tools.