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Quality Control

We ensure each and every bur that comes to you undergoes strict quality checks. Be it dimensional accuracy, the quality and uniformity of the nano-diamond coat and checks on time and pressure requirements at very high rotational speeds of 250,000 rpm, typical of your modern day air rotor hand pieces. Our CE certification is a testament to the superior quality of Piscium's Alpha Nano Diamond burs.

Even before we develop our products, our roadmap and the testing protocols are designed with the help of Scientists and Clinicians. The protocols are rigorously reviewed, critiqued and approved by Institutional Ethics Committees.

During development, it is again a joint effort by cross functional experts including clinicians and only those products and formulations demonstrate statistically significant better performance that get a chance to be a Piscium® product offered to you.

Our ISO 13485 accreditation not only ensures a great quality finished product, but also makes sure that there are rigorous in-process checks at every step of the manufacturing process.