small leafChromalgin®

  • Chromalgin® is a chromatic dental alginate impression material
  • Specifically formulated to meet the requirements of dentists. This strawberry-flavored product is designed to address common concerns associated with alginate use
  • Developed in collaboration with the prestigious Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, and practicing dentists, Chromalgin® offers a dust-free solution that ensures superior quality dental impressions. With its stable formulation, Chromalgin® is set to revolutionize the way alginate is stored and used, providing a reliable and convenient option for dental professionals



Chromatic to indicate mixing and setting stages

Accurate impressions


Pleasantly flavored to reduce emetic reflex

Rapid water absorption

  • Chromalgin® is also available in a convenient pack of 24 single-dose sachets of 12 g each, eliminating any handling problems that may arise


Better hygiene

No human touch

Minimal product wastage